Somewhere in the winds of change...

Somewhere beneath the harsh words, beneath the glaze that hides your beautiful eyes, beneath the strong look of hateful determination, even beneath the gangly love and tough bonds of trust you have for each other... beneath all that your soul still shows.

I look at you and see someone so different from the one I've always loved. I see how I've lost what I've loved most, and how it tears my heart to pieces. But I wouldn't cry.

Maybe it is nothing more than the tears that blind me, but when I cry, you watch. And I can look into your eyes and see that same person that I've loved for much too long. I no longer see the toughness, the hatred, or anyone else. I just see you, and I love that. Even if you're not the same person that I first met and loved, you bare the same soul that took the time to bind to mine so very long ago.

I love you. Y

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